People are finding out they’ve been saying Brussels sprouts all wrong and they can’t believe they never realised | The Sun

WHILE some of us can’t stand Brussels Sprouts, we all know they’re a staple when it comes to Christmas dinner. 

And so, every year, we'll nestle a few of the mini green cabbages in between our roast potatoes and turkey. 

But have you been calling the mini cabbages the wrong thing this entire time? 

People are only just realising that they’re not called ‘Brussel sprouts’, but actually are ‘Brussels sprouts.’ 

On Twitter, one user claimed their ‘entire life has felt like a lie’ after learning the news. 

They wrote: "Apparently, it's actually 'Brussels sprout' and not 'Brussel Sprouts'."


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Another said: “Holy wow! How did I not know this? I purchase and eat them often and never once noticed.”

A third added: “Why did you have to ruin my day?”

Someone else commented: “…..but it hurts to say it the other way.”

@WaitingClose wrote: “Crushing, isn’t it? All these years you’ve been lied to. Ugh.”

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Although it wasn’t news to all, as one put: “Does every single person in these replies also think the region in Belgium is called Brussel?”

As the name suggests, the bitter green vegetable originated in Brussels in Belgium, and date all the way back to the 17th century. 

Although the Netherlands has since taken over as the largest producer of sprouts in the world. 

It’s rumoured that farmers bred them because they were struggling to find space for their crops, and so encouraged the small cabbages to nestle their heads just under the leaf stalks.

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