My husband is 30 years older than me, people are shocked when I reveal our ages & say he’ll leave me for someone younger | The Sun

THEY say love comes in all shapes and sizes.

But one age gap couple have left people stunned by their ages, with many saying he'll leave his younger wife once she gets too old.

Demi Lucy May, from the US, posted a TikTok video and revealed her and her husband's age gap.

Demi and her partner, Bret, have a 30 year age gap with Demi just turning 20 while her husband is 50.

The mom of one often posts videos about their age gap relationship on TikTok and confessed that she's often asked if her husband is actually her dad by strangers.

The couple believes that age is just a number and Demi confessed she's always been attracted to older men.


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In another video, the mum of one said people often ask about their thirty year age gap.

She wrote: "Aren't you guys like 30 years apart?"

"Yeah but age is just a number," she responded.

Demi revealed that she is Bret's third wife and some asked: "So does he just leave them when they get too old?"

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Another jibbed: "And then u get older and they keep looking for younger again, don’t @ me it’s experience."

A third penned: "for me 20 maximum not 30 years gap."

But there were some people who agreed age gap relationships were the way to go.

One wrote: "Honestly older men are the way to go! My man is 11 years older and I love it!

Another commented: "Age ain't nothing but a number."

There were also some who questioned if the couple was telling the truth about their ages at all, one said: "20 in 2005 maybe."

"He doesn’t look 50 & you don’t look 20," another said.

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