Mum transforms son’s dinosaur toys with gold paint & they make great budget Christmas decorations

IF you’re sick of stepping on toys or felt like some fresh decorations for your tree this year – one mum has shared her budget-friendly hack to create unique ornaments. 

The mum revealed her dinosaur-mad son had hundreds of toys, so rather than leaving them to gather dust in a drawer she decided to re-purpose them. 

She grabbed a selection of figurines, including a raptor, T-Rex, stegosaurus and a brontosaurus, and painted them gold. 

The mum sat down with a cup of tea at the kitchen table to give them a makeover, even adding glitter and finally string. 

The end result is quirky Christmas ornaments which cost next to nothing – and her son loves them too. 

She shared her idea to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it’s racked up more than 4,000 likes. 

The mum wrote: “Our son is dinosaur mad. 

“He’s got hundreds so we thought we’d paint some of the cheaper ones after seeing it on Facebook. He loves them. 

“In total cost about £15 but we’ve done so many we can’t fit them all on this tree. 

“We’ve still got half a pot of paint and glitter for another project.

“Roll on 30th Nov when the Christmas tree goes up and we can transfer them onto it.” 

Commenting on the project, one person said: “This is so cute.”

Another wrote: “I know someone who would love this!!!!"

A third commented: “Omg I need to do this."

This mum posted: "Seriously need to do this!"

Someone else thought: “Awww that's a brill idea."

While this person added: “Aww wow! These are fab!!! Thanks lovely.”

And someone else reckoned: “I think I should do this.”

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