Mum shares epic car hack for family picnics but everyone is pointing out the same thing, so can you spot the issue?

A MUM shared her epic car hack for camping with families this summer – but many people were quick to point out a dilemma with her tip.

The woman uploaded a photo of a car boot filled with plastic chest of drawers containing picnic food, which had the caption “car camping, the smart way!”

She wrote on Facebook: “Anyone going camping this summer?

“This is a brilliant way to be organised and make your trip run smoothly!”

Although the hack seemed to solve the issue of storing bags of food, many people said her hack had one big flaw. 

One person wrote: “That's just food….what about the actual tent, sleeping bags…..basically everything you actually NEED for a camping trip?”

Another added: “Wheres the tent?!”

A third echoed the sentiments, and commented: “So where do I put the tent, sleeping bags, blow ups, chairs, gas stove – and the dog??”

And one skeptic wrote: “Anyone who goes camping knows that this won't work.”

Some argued that adding a roof rack or trailer could solve the problem of transporting the extra supplies.

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