Mum reveals where she puts the airer so clothes dry ‘in no time’ – people think it’s genius & it saves space too

A MUM has revealed the genius place she stores her clothes airer so wet items dry in no time, and people have praised the idea.

Bec Parsons showed how her handy hack of placing the clothes horse on top of her bathroom tub also saves space in her home.

She shared photos of her laundry tip, and wrote on Facebook: “Yes I have a dryer but hate how hard it is on clothes.

“Does anyone else do this or am I a genius? lol.

“I've a small bathroom with a heater vent that’s normally closed as the room get so hot. Today I've had an idea to put my clothes airer in there. Washing is drying in no time #winning.”

Her post has racked up more than 1,400 likes from people impressed by her drying tip.

One said: “Great idea. Much cheaper then using dryer.”

Another added: “Ohhh thank you that's a great idea!!”

And a third gushed: “Genius, I’m doing this right now!!”

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