Mum-of-three constantly mistaken for a teenager or her son’s SISTER – and reveals what she does to stay so youthful

A MUM-of-three says she is often mistaken for a teenager – and regularly tricks strangers into thinking she’s her son’s sister. 

Valeria Lipovetsky, 30, from Canada, says she swears by dancing each day and sticking to a very strict skincare regime. 

Brunette beauty Valeria, who is Russian-born, applies Vitamin C serum to her face every morning, before using retinol to promote anti-ageing. 

To keep her skin looking youthful on her body, she exfoliates with a body dry-brush, which is said to boost circulation and reduce cellulite. 

Valeria created a TikTok video on how she winds back the clock, and also did a YouTube video called “6 ways to stay young forever”.

Other tips include having a cold shower each night to increase circulation and using a Gua Sha jade tool each night to diminish wrinkles. 

She told her 1.41 million subscribers: “I get so many comments from you guys and from people that I meet who say I look really young.

“It actually used to be such an annoying thing for me and I tried so hard to look older.

“But now, I really do love it – especially when people think I’m like 13 or 14 years old.

“I always say I invest in my skincare.”

She also aims to get plenty of sleep and advises using a weighted blanket if you find it hard to drift off. 


  1. Use Vitamin C serum
  2. Use retinol
  3. Have a cold shower each night
  4. Use a Gua Sha jade tool
  5. Dry brush your skin
  6. Dance every day

Many of her viewers were highly impressed with her tips, and praised her youthful looks. 

One said: “You are gorgeous. I love retinol it’s amazing for the skin!”

Another added: “You literally look like a teenager.”

And one raved: “You're so beautiful and look like you're 18-20 years old.”

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