Mrs Hinch fans share easy hack to get dye stains out of clothes – & you’ve probably already got some in your cupboard

THERE'S nothing worse than washing something, and the dye going onto the other items in the machine.

And that's exactly what happened to Natalie McCabe, who took to Facebook to ask for advice from other fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

"Can anyone help me?" she wrote.

"Bought a lovely red duvet set a couple of months back. washed it before first use but noticed it left a red dye on my pyjamas.

"Used it 2 or 3 times after this and the dye has continued to transfer onto anything light."

Natalie added that after storing the set with the rest of her bedding, she now has two bedding sets with "big pink blobs" on.

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"Anything I can wash it in that will stop the dye coming off please?" she asked.

People quickly flocked to the comments section to offer Natalie some advice, and the most popular suggestion was a somewhat surprising one.

"Cold water and salt –  about 500g," one person wrote.

"Never heard of using salt but worth a try. Thank you," Natalie replied.

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"I would soak in a very salty solution for a good few hours," another person commented.

"Keep rinsing until water runs clear."

"Salt is used to set the dye so it should set this so it doesn’t run although deep colours do sometimes rub off into light fabrics from new for a while," someone else added.

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Another person said table salt is better to use for the job than sea salt, while another suggested soaking the duvet set in the salty solution for 24 hours at least.

And given that table salt costs from just 30p, the hack isn't one that's going to break the bank.

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