Moon meanings in astrology: From the influence of different phases to knowing your moon sign

ASTROLOGY is more than just your star sign — those who study the skies have also noticed that the phases of the moon can have a profound effect on all of us.

So what are the different phases of the moon, and how do they play out for us astrologically?

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What does the moon mean in astrology?

The moon is thought to be connected to our feelings, intuition, and inner world.

It doesn't create its own light source — instead, it reflects the light of the sun, emphasising the moon's receptive quality.

The moon is also connected to the idea of water through the pull it has on the tides. Water tends to symbolise things below the surface, so you can see how the moon is thought to govern instincts and emotions.

The phases of the moon also remind us of our own cycles, and working with these phases can help us to better understand the emotional ups and downs we all go through.

What does each lunar phase mean for astrology?

There are four main stages to look out for: the new moon (or dark moon), waxing moon (when it's growing bigger in the sky), full moon, and waning moon (when it's getting smaller).

More advanced astrologers might look at more specific phases (like first quarter moon and waxing gibbous) but, for now, these four are enough to get us started!

New Moon

As you can probably guess from its name, the new moon is a great time for new beginnings. You may feel inspired to set the foundation for new projects, and new relationships formed at this time will have a good chance of blossoming into something deeper.

Waxing Moon

When the moon is growing bigger in the sky (AKA waxing), this is a good time to put the wheels in motion on your goals. Progress can be made easily if you stay focused on your dreams. As the moon grows nearer to its full phase, put your foot on the gas and take decisive action.

Full Moon

Here, the moon's energy reaches its peak. You may find that emotional sensitivity is heightened, and you could be more strongly connected to your intuition. It's a good time to bring projects and other cycles to a close and be grateful for the progress you have made.

Waning Moon

As the moon begins to decrease in size, it's a time for letting go. You might find yourself retreating from situations that no longer serve you, and emotions could start to cool. It's a time for patience, reflection and preparing yourself for the start of the next lunar cycle.

What's a moon sign?

Our star sign (also called our sun sign) can definitely tell us a lot about our personalities, but it isn't the whole story.

If you really want to get deep, it's important to know which sign of the zodiac the moon was in at the time of your birth because, according to astrology, this sign points to the inner you.

What this means is that outwardly you could have the bravery and strength of a Leo while inside you're a sensitive Cancer.

If you want to know more about your moon sign, you can check your birth chart or consult a moon sign calculator.

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