McDonald's worker shares sneak peek at how burgers are made so fast & there’s a look at the McMuffin station too

A MCDONALD’S worker has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the fast food chain makes its famous burgers and Egg McMuffins so quickly. 

Burger maker @iamfreddym uploaded a TikTok video showing the process and how the ingredients are in heated shelves in an assembly line. 

It takes just a matter of seconds to make a single McMuffin and wrap it in the paper for a customer, Freddy reveals. 

Firstly, he takes both halves of a burger bun and puts them on the counter, before adding a slice of cheese from a stacked pile kept in a plastic container.

Then he adds a meat patty from a pull-out drawer that is kept warm inside a machine. 

Next, he pulls out another heated drawer containing eggs and places one on top of the patty. 

In a matter of seconds, the McMuffin is then wrapped in paper and slid down a metal counter towards a hungry McDonald’s customer. 

The impressively fast service has unsurprisingly been a hit with fascinated McDonald’s fans, and racked up 310,000 views. 

One fan wrote: "Not gonna lie that is pretty satisfying.”

A second hungry fan: "Looks good.”

And someone wrote: "And this is why McDonald’s is faster than burger King I worked at both and McDonald’s is faster."

However, one was horrified by the behind-the-scenes clip and said: "I’m never going there again".

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