Love Letter: Is It Time to Break Up?

As that old song goes, “breaking up is hard to do,” especially during a global pandemic. While ending things with a partner might be tougher right now, putting a breakup on hold could do more harm than good. If you’re not sure if now is a good time to call it quits, here are a few questions from relationship experts to help you gain some clarity.

And: If you do decide to break up, remember to be kind yet firm.

While most people shy away from disagreements, having a difference of opinion is inevitable in interpersonal relationships. We’ve seen disputes escalate in many arenas (reality TV, politics, our personal lives), but Deepak Chopra, the wellness expert, says there’s a better way to approach conflict. Here are a few tips on how to disagree like an adult.

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Meher Ahmad, a New York-based journalist, became obsessed with the idea of dating a white guy in her youth, after seeing the movie “Bend It Like Beckham.” However, once she returned to her birthplace of Pakistan, she soon realized that there were many benefits to dating a man who understood her culture and upbringing.

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