JordanLuca Men’s Spring 2022

Men’s wear designers Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto presented the brand’s spring 2022 collection in a car scrapyard in Kent. The duo put an emphasis on individuality, the beauty of fleeting moments such as an eclipse, and finding hope in challenging times.

The look: A mix of formal tailoring and playful knitwear and streetwear pieces referencing British memorabilia and the punk movement.

Quote of note: “The starting point really is us, and how we feel. We have adapted to a way of thinking where we really focus on what’s happening right now, rather than having a mood board and using references from the past. We are trying to enjoy the process. The collection is [emblematic] of where we are right now. We are stuck in the U.K., but we are living here and thriving. For us, it’s a time to think about what it means to be here in the present day.”

JordanLuca RTW Spring 2022

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Standout pieces: Eclipse motif on oversize tie-dye T-shirts, embellished undergarments, long statement coats, checked polo shirts, a lace tank top, and a sleeveless shirt with two sleeves stacked on one side of the shoulder as decoration.

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