Jessica Simpson's Skin Looks Glowy And Flawless In A 'Cozy' No-Makeup Photo

  • Jessica Simpson’s skin looks glowy and flawless in her latest no-makeup Instagram.
  • The 39-year-old took the natural snap while signing copies of her memoir, Open Book.
  • Jessica uses La Mer and Epicuren products to keep her skin dewy, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

Singer, actress, and author Jessica Simpson has been sharing tons of makeup-free snaps with her Instagram followers, and her skin legit glows in every single one of them. And her latest pic is no exception—the 39-year-0ld just posted another flawless photo sans-makeup while signing copies of her new memoir Open Book.

“At it again…from my cozy place. 💚,” she captioned her Instagram.

To keep her skin dewy and fresh, Jess invests ina top-of-the-line moisturizer. She told InStyle that her skin was always dehydrated and that La Mer Moisturizing Cream “was the only thing that worked.”

When she’s traveling, Jessica wrote on her blog that she also loves to use “the Sonya Dakar Omega Oil for keeping [her] skin from drying out.”

And she’s also found the perfect cleanser that truly leaves her skin clean without drying it out. “I love how clean my skin feels after using [Epicuren Herbal Cleanser]. Unlike most cleansers, it completely removes my makeup without leaving any residue behind,” Jessica told InStyle.

She also swears by Epicuren Discovery Bio Peptide Serum, a serum that doubles as an eye cream to ward off wrinkles. “This serum plumps up the skin to make it look more youthful and corrects and prevents visible signs of aging,” she said. And Jess claims that she hasn’t “gotten wrinkles yet, so…it must be working!” (You can say that again.)

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But her skincare routine doesn’t stop with her face. Jessica also invests in keeping the rest of her body smooth and hydrated. On her blog, she wrote that Epicuren’s Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer is her favorite body lotion: “It’s hydrating and on days that I don’t wear fragrance, it keeps me smelling like coconuts!”

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