Jennifer Lopez’s New Music Video Is Hair Goals — Here’s How to Achieve Her Bouncy, Frizz-Free Curls for $24

Jennifer Lopez invented social media. Whether she’s breaking the internet in a white bikini or causing us to double-tap camo activewear, Lopez clearly knows how to get us to stop scrolling and pay attention. Latest case in point: Her dual-song collaboration, “Pa’ Ti – Lonely,” with Maluma. 

The singer began posting clips of their new music video on her Instagram earlier this week and we’ve been anxiously checking our feeds ever since. Thankfully, the “Pa’ Ti – Lonely” video finally dropped last night and, while her video is dripping in luxury, her favorite hairstyle from the shoot (a sexy, curly, swept-up look) can be achieved for just $24 with Color Wow’s Dream Coat for Curly Hair Moisture Mist. 

If the Color Wow product sounds familiar, that’s because it’s also the elixir responsible for Lopez’s famous Super Bowl curls that seemed to defy humidity and gravity. J.Lo’s hair stylist, Chris Appleton, is a Color Wow ambassador and an overall fan of the brand. He sat down with Vogue to discuss the concept behind the music video styles and revealed that Color Wow’s Dream Coat for Curly Hair Moisture Mist was once again his go-to product in creating J.Lo’s favorite hair look. 

The look can be seen in the “Wolf of Wallstreet” scene, where Lopez’s hair is pulled up but her natural waves are pushed towards her forehead to create these volumized, textured bangs. To achieve this seriously sexy volume, Appleton sprayed Color Wow’s Dream Coat for Curly Hair Moisture Mist throughout Lopez’s hair to define the coils, without making them too crunchy and hard or too soft and frizzy. From there, he used a blow dryer attachment diffuser to dry the strands, because he notes “concentrated airflow can create frizz.”

The result is an eye-catching look that plays up her natural texture, which Appleton says is a reflection of the times. “I think with quarantine, people have been embracing their natural texture,” says Appleton. “Trends come from society, what’s going on, and the mood, and it’s definitely a reflection of that.”

Clearly, J.Lo and Appleton aren’t the only fans of this weightless spray. Made to moisturize the hair while giving you super glossy curls that last all day (without the need for scrunching), the top-rated product has racked up nearly 2,000 Amazon reviews. Shoppers are calling it “amazing,” claiming it makes their hair “voluminous” and “manageable” even in the face of humidity. One customer even notes it passes the Disney test: “My daughter and I used it for the first time yesterday and it was amazing that our hair remained great throughout the rides and humidity at Disney world!” 

Another happy reviewer writes: “No need for any other products. I have very thick, coarse curly hair. This product tames my curls and makes them soft and defined. I have been looking for a product like this for 25 years.”

If you, too, are looking for a more low-key way to embrace your natural curls, shop the J.Lo-approved Color Wow’s Dream Coat for Curly Hair Moisture Mist for just $24 at Amazon, now. 

COLOR WOW Dream Coat for Curly Hair

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