I’ve cheated on EVERY boyfriend I've ever had but have no regrets – and you shouldn't either

FOR most, a relationship is completely based on trust.

But one anonymous woman, from the UK, has a completely different view – and has admitted to cheating on every boyfriend she's ever been with.

And to make matters worse, she believes anyone in their early 20s should follow in her footsteps – and have no regrets.

"I don’t really think cheating is a capital offense," she said, speaking to Cosmopolitan. "Not when you’re young and still trying to learn how your heart and body work." 

She recalled how she and her boyfriend Matt – a false name – would have sex "multiple times a day" for the first two years of their relationship, but this become increasingly less regular, to the point she'd struggle to remember the last time they were intimate.


However, one night, she told how she felt her "body heat up" after finding herself sitting on the edge of a mutual friend's bed.

"I was 21. So when I started feeling an aversion to having sex with my boyfriend, I thought, These are my horniest years. Something must be wrong with me," she explained.

She even went so far as considering seeing a therapist, not realising that the reason was just that she didn't want to have sex with her boyfriend any more.

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Reliving that first time she cheated, she commented: "Someone touched the other first, and then mouths were on each other and hands were moving so fast they grabbed at clothes and skin with the same urgency."

The woman, who watched one of her parents cheat on the other when she was younger, went on to say that this didn't stop her cheating on all three of her serious boyfriends.

While many may think otherwise, the serial cheater insists she's not "completely morally bankrupt."

I am not completely morally bankrupt

"I don’t regret each instance of cheating," she told the publication. "Not really. Because although they were all very different, each experience taught me crucial things about myself and my sexuality in my early 20s."

She went on to praise the first instance of cheating for helping her realise that there wasn't an issue with her sexuality like she'd once worried about.

The second time she cheated on a boyfriend was in the garden of an outdoor bar after two months without sex, and the third time she cheated on someone with an ex.

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