I'm fed up of being pretty because it’s just so hard, so I got loads of piercings and tattoos to destroy my beauty | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she is ‘tired of being pretty’ and has got facial piercings and tattoos to ‘destroy’ her beauty. 

Emily Adonna explained that although her looks have got her modelling jobs and she often receives compliments from strangers telling her how beautiful she is, she is fed up with being attractive. 

She said that being pretty also comes with disadvantages and she realised she was treated differently when she covered herself in baggy clothes and a face mask.

The stunner took to TikTok, posting to her account @emilyadonnaa, to open up on her dilemma.

She said: "I'm fully prepared for TikTok to hate me, I can see it now, being pretty is so hard.

"I’ve never been in a job where I haven’t been harassed. 

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“I’ve rarely been in social situations where I haven’t been harassed.

"People don’t usually take 'no' as an answer with me, because they think I’m something to be possessed.

"People do not ask before touching me in public, I am grabbed regularly.

"I am a beneficiary of pretty privilege. 

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"I’m f***ing tired of being pretty”.

Emily explained that she is so tired of looking pretty that she decided to get facial piercings and hand tattoos to alter her appearance.

She continued: "I pierced my face, I got hand tattoos that are culturally designed to destroy beauty.

"Being pretty is not always a privilege."

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Emily's opinion left some viewers feeling uncomfortable as they said she should "be grateful and move on" and shouldn't act like being pretty is a problem.

One said harassment is not a "pretty privilege problem" and a second added: "Victim blaming is still a universal experience."

However, Emily explained: “I know a lot of beautiful women who have suffered from people feeling entitled to possessing them. 

 "In many situations when I’ve shared negative experiences that have happened to me, the response is always like, ‘Well you’re a beautiful woman, you’re so pretty, you have to be careful, what were you wearing? Were you too nice? Because you’re very pretty.’

“That’s the part I don’t like. I should be able to go out and be safe."

Emily’s video has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up 40.4k views. 

It has 2,670 likes, 305 comments and 29 shares.

Whilst some TikTok users were baffled at Emily’s claims, many were supportive and could sympathise with her.

One person said: “Facts. Being pretty doesn’t mean people have a right to violate or make you uncomfortable. Keep talking your truth. 

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Another added: “Ignore the haters. Takes time to grow up and really understand that EVERYONE is equal and we all put our pants on the same way in the morning”. 

A third commented: “I’m with you girlfriend. Pretty privilege is a real thing. A blessing and a curse. I have stories for days, months, years. I could go on and on”. 

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