I’m all about living an easy life so found a way to make cash by flogging stuff I’d bin – I made £200 in 10 minutes | The Sun

A SAVVY money-maker has revealed that selling used waxing strips is helping her bring in some extra cash – but people have one rather serious concern. 

Latiesha Jones claimed that she was able to make £200 in minutes after agreeing to flog her used eyebrow waxing strips. 

But people have been left questioning her idea – with one even suggesting she could be framed for a crime after sharing her DNA with a stranger. 

The self-proclaimed ‘professional goddess’ said: “When someone buys your eyebrow hair wax strips for £200.”

During the five-second reel, the content creator shares a glimpse at the bag of five eyebrow strips she claimed to be selling. 

She then goes on to share a screenshot from her bank account, suggesting that she was paid £200 for them. 


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Below the video, she added: “Soft life #whatisellonline.”

Her side hustle attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 51,900 likes and 835,800 views. 

Known online as @latieshajoness, the ‘professional goddess’ regularly shares updates on her unique money-making ideas with her 16,600 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “You’re actually my idol.”

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“Need this in my life,” commented another. 

Although not all were convinced by the idea, with another adding: “I wld be so paranoid someone is slowly collecting my DNA to frame me for a crime.”

Latiesha replied: “I'm pretty sure at every crime scene there's hundreds of peoples DNA there not just the one who committed the crime? Can we use our brains.”

Someone else questioned: “U aint scared of someone doing spiritual stuff.”

“I would never give out anything that was in touch with my body to a stranger they pay that much for a reason,” shared a third. 

In another video, the content creator shared a list of the various other things she sells online, including chewed up sweets, from which she made £150. 

The person’s request read: “Hi Miss sorry to bother you but I saw your post… and I’d love to … your chewed up sweets if you’d let me. 

“My favourite are Starburst… let me know if this is something you can do.”

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Latiesha then shared a clip of her chewing four of the sweets, before placing them in a plastic bag to be sent off.

Again, people were left stunned at her business idea, with another TikTokker commenting: “Screamin I am trying to be like you.”

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