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YOUR child's favourite toy can say a lot about their future as what they enjoy playing with now could determine their career.

According to Toy Expert, Alison Ferguson, from Hexbug, toys play a huge role in childhood development and playtime is a way for children to learn and develop new skills.

"A child’s favourite toy can give insight into their future by showing what interests them and what they are good at," she tells Fabulous.

"But it’s important to let your child choose what they want to play with – what they are naturally drawn to or intrigued by – rather than limiting them with traditional options."

Doing this will give freedom to their imagination and give you an indication of what their potential future could be, she eadds.

Here, Alison reveals exclusisvly to Fabulous the career options you child could choose based on what their go-to toy is – and some of them may surprise you.

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Construction Toys

Alison says: "Naturally, playing with construction toys has an obvious link to jobs in the building trade or STEM – but it is also a sign of great management and organisational skills, as well as design ability.

"Some of the careers linked to these skills include architecture, project management, quantity surveying or property development."


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Alison says: "Children who play with dolls tend to have a caring nature. Traditionally, this may indicate career choices such as teaching or nursing.

"But a love of dolls can also demonstrate an affection for fashion and beauty or health and wellbeing – so look out for future stylists, beauty therapists, hairdressers or even a budding influencer or yoga teacher!"

Arts and crafts 

Alison says: "Children who like to draw, paint or get creative with other arts and crafts are destined to share their ingenuity with the world.

"These budding entrepreneurs could be leading lights in the cultural industries, running a gallery, selling paintings or jewellery, or heading up their own design agency.

"They may create mess, but from chaos comes creativity."


Alison says: "Children who love to solve puzzles have a very special talent for critical thinking and a keen eye for problem-solving.

"These kids will no doubt have a promising career in computing or finance, but their analytical skills could also point to becoming a psychologist, attorney, or investigative journalist.

"Either way, a stint at university is certainly likely for these little ones."

Action figures

Alison says: "Action figures make the perfect role-play companion, often associated with superheroes, space exploration and robots.

"Playing with action figures shows a sense of adventure, risk-taking and storytelling, so prepare to see these little ones entering the police and fire service – or becoming YouTubers, filmmakers or writers."

Cars and RC Toys

Alison says: "Playing with cars and RC toys shows a love for travel, thrill-seeking and high-intensity environments.

"The inner adrenaline junkie is often found to have played with remote-control toys as a child, and while you might expect to see them on the F1 racetracks, their expert skills and fearless nature can translate to careers from engineers to sports or activity instructors."


Alison says: "Whether it’s a football or sensory toy, playing with a ball can teach children several skills, including hand-eye coordination, balance, spatial awareness and social skills.

"If they don’t end up as professional sports people, children with these skills might do well in careers where detail and precision are important – such as a mechanic, technician, or even a surgeon!"


Alison says: "Stuffed animals provide children with comfort and companionship, often being the first relationship that they develop outside their family.

"Children talk to and take care of their stuffed animals. This could enhance a nurturing nature and lead to working with real animals, whilst children with good interpersonal skills are better suited to careers such as becoming a therapist, lawyer, or salesperson.”

Toy Kitchens

Alison says: "Toy kitchens provide a hands-on learning experience where children can understand responsibility, structured thinking, and independence.

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"Kitchens allow them to learn about problem-solving and creative processes.

"Of course, those playing with kitchens may end up in hospitality or catering, but they might also be suited to careers in marketing, PR, and design."

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