I’m a size 24 & wear thong bikinis – I get stares but I don’t care, fat girls should still wear what makes them happy | The Sun

THONG bikinis are back in style, and one plus-size influencer took the internet by storm with her trendy look.

The beauty expert is rightfully proud of her curves and cheekily reminded her followers that what she wears to the beach is no one's business but hers.

Karina Martinez, 32, wanted to make the most of her vacation to Ibiza, so she wore a bright-red bikini with a barely-there thong bottom.

In a video, Martinez, who's a size 24 UK/20 US, told her viewers what the experience was like, and used humor to encourage other plus-size women to wear the styles they love.

"As you can see, there were no fainting spells after viewing the cellulite on my a**, no one died seeing my back fat, and most of all, no one really said anything," Martinez recounted.

Martinez and her friends walked around the beach, rosé in hand, for a little under five hours. She took plenty of glamorous pictures and videos on the shore.


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The day at the beach was anticlimactic, and no one commented on the blogger's bikini.

"There were more than a few stares, but that's pretty much always the case because I'm fat," she said.

"I'm just as fat in an oversize t-shirt as I am in a bikini," Martinez pointed out, before turning her video into a message for other plus-size women.

"Here's a reminder to wear what makes you happy," she said, signing off with a "cheers!"

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Speaking to Daily Star after her trip, Martinez said her body confidence has earned her a sense of freedom.

"I can go out and eat what I want and enjoy myself, wear what I want, do what I want because of all that," she said.

She told the outlet that other women can capture the same magic by treating themselves kindly and speaking positively about their bodies.

"Try things out of your comfort zone, even if it’s wearing a sleeveless top to the grocery store," she added.

Even if it seems like a small step compared to a thong bikini, it's progress, Martinez explained.

"One day, those little steps will lead to bigger ones," she said.

On the original video Martinez posted, her viewers expressed gratitude for her candid discussion of the experience.

"This actually made me cry," one commenter wrote. "It’s unbelievable just how the most judgment we make are from ourselves."

"If I'd seen you I would have said something. You look AMAZING!" another person said.

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Other women told Martinez that her confidence inspired them to wear what they loved on the beach, too.

"Hope you’re having an amazing time," Martinez told one woman who planned to wear a bikini during her vacation to Greece. "You got this!"

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