I’m a cleaning whizz – how to get rid of mould in seconds using a secret ingredient you already have in your kitchen

THERE'S no guest more unpleasant than mould – not only does it ruin the overall aesthetic but can also cause a number of health issues, from chest tightness to asthma.

Although there are different products in the market, a cleaning whizz has revealed the secret ingredient which will remove black fungus with almost no effort.

Self-proclaimed ''Home Hacks Queen'' Carolina McCauley, shared the video on Instagram, where she has 1.3 million followers.

According to the mum-of-two, all you need to do is head to the kitchen and grab undiluted vinegar, which you will pour into a spray bottle.

Then simply spray''infected'' areas and let the vinegar soak into the mould for a bit – the Aussie cleaning fan recommended waiting 20 minutes.


Once the time's up, Carolina instructed, you wipe the areas – the vinegar hack, according to her, should make it quite easy.

''Nice and clean.''

''It totally works, we used it on old drywall,'' read one positive review. 

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''Ommggg my bathroom thanks you,'' another user had seen this just in time.

However, there were also a few critical viewers, like this person who pointed out: ''Sorry but offering this type of info is in total BAD TASTE!

''You should NEVER disturb Black mould yourself.

''You should be wearing a mask for one!

''Once you disturb the particles you can easily inhale them!!!!''

Another shared the same opinion, claiming mould needs to be tested andremediated by professionals.

''Oh and it is not cheap so these home remedies are trash.

''It will only continue to grow AND in places you cannot see it!''

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