I was so desperate for Primark PJs I drove through floods and a TROPICAL STORM to get some

A PRIMARK fan revealed she drove through a TROPICAL STORM to get to Primark, joking NOTHING would stop her getting bargain goodies from one of America's few stores.

Donna Wofford, from Florida, posted the pictures to a Primark fan page on Facebook, revealing how she was desperate to visit her local shop in Sawgrass Mills when Tropical Storm Eta hit.

But when she got there she realised heavy rainfall caused by the storm and 13mph. winds, which had travelled over from the Gulf of Mexico and was at risk of developing into a hurricane, had left the area surrounding the shop – which opened on October 13 – flooded.

Storm Eta slammed into South Florida on Sunday night bringing high winds and "life-threatening" flash floods to heavily populated areas after it made landfall in the Florida Keys.

Cars were stranded and entire neighbourhoods were swamped as flood water rose with no place to drain.

"We're still on floodwatch," said Donna, 53, to Fabulous.

She explained how – desperate for Primark – she drove through it. And she stopped and snapped pictures of half-submerged cars as she went.

She told Fabulous she was so excited on learning her local area was getting a Primark, having been a virtual fan for ages. She explained: "I have been there four times.

"I bought a couple pair of jeans, PJs, socks and a couple of long sleeved tee-shirts."

She learnt about Primark online.

"I always watched Primark hauls from YouTube," she said. "So I searched one day to see if we had any on America.

"There was one Boston and one in Philadelphia.

"It said that one was opening in South Florida by July.

"Because of covid it did not open until October. They have a lot of cute clothes, good quality and cheap. The only thing I don't like is the sell a lot of sweaters…it is always hot here!"

People praised Donna's dedication after she posted the pictures and wrote: "Not even a flood can stop me from going at Primark."

"Dedication," said one woman, while another added: "Power move."

A third said: "That is pure dedication braving floods."

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