I spent £7k on BBL surgery and bum implants in Turkey – gym wasn't cutting it, I wanted a ‘fake’ looking booty | The Sun

A SALON owner who spent £7k on BBL surgery and bum implants has revealed what it’s really like to go under the knife. 

Caitlyn King, 23, opened CLiK Aesthetics & Beauty at the start of the 2021 and knew what she wanted to do with her money.

After saving carefully, she researched her surgery options and travelled to Turkey where she was operated on by Dr Serkan Balta in May.

Both procedures are considered risky due to the health complications that can arise during the process.

However Caitlyn, from Edinburgh, had as smooth an experience as she could have expected.

She says: “I had been at the gym for two years consistently and I just wanted more of a ‘fake’ looking bum. 

“I had always been a bit self-conscious of not naturally having one.

“The experience itself I was really scared about as obviously you hear a lot of horror stories.

“I did a lot of research into surgeons though and waited months for Dr Serkan Balta as I felt he knew exactly what I wanted and his bum implants looked amazing on other people.

"As I was slim before, I didn’t want to be looking crazy. I wanted it noticeable and big but also nice and not stupid looking.”

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She adds: “The recovery was hard, I’m not going to lie.

“Waking up you can barely move and I was constantly sick. 

“You aren’t able to walk or stand but the nurses help and explain everything and also the surgeon does explain it all before you get it done. 

“After the first few days I felt more like myself and you’re walking for 10 minutes every hour to get the blood moving.

“After the first couple of days I felt back to myself, just really stiff for a few weeks and limited in how I could sit and stand. 

“Getting on and off the bed and going to the toilet was definitely the most uncomfortable thing to do.

“I can’t even explain how uncomfortable it was even moving slightly because you are sitting on a BBL cushion and because I had implants as well, it meant that I could only lie on my front, so eating and drinking was a nightmare.

“The implants are more dangerous to get with the BBL, most people, if you have enough fat, you are able to just get a BBL. 

“But because I was naturally slim and struggled to put on a lot of weight it meant that I needed to get a BBL as well as implants.

“So for me personally they took fat from my lower abdomen and lower back and used that for my hips and then a small amount for round my implants as well.”

But the painful recovery was well worth the results for Caitlyn.

She reckons he now has the bum she’s always wanted and that other people can see the difference as well.

Caitlyn admits: “There's so many people I now catch looking at my bum. I love it though. 

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