I made a triple bunk bed for my brother's kids who share one room so they could have way more space, everyone loves it | The Sun

IT CAN be tough for kids to share a bedroom, especially if it's not a very big space to begin with.

That's why DIY whizz Mailey Elaine decided to spruce up her brother's kids' bedroom by creating a triple bunk bed.

In a bid to become the favourite aunty, Mailey created the impressive triple bunkbed from scratch.

Sharing the process on her YouTube channel, she explained: "This freed up so much space in the room so that my niece and nephews can actually play in here now.

"The bunk bed we had designed out was a triple bunk bed where the beds zigzag across the wall giving the kids on the bottom and middle bunk more space above their head."

To create the bunkbeds she started by creating a design and cutting the wood to size.


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They opted for slated boards from Ikea for the mattresses to rest on, rather than making their own, which helped save some time on the project.

For Mailey and her brother, the most important thing was that the finished bunkbeds were sturdy enough to handle three kids climbing all over them.

They achieved this by adding support pieces and anchoring the frame to the wall.

"Once this thing was anchored it was not going anywhere, my brother and I felt very confident that his kids could climb all over this thing," she explained.

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And since they wanted an "industrial look" they only pained the ladder of the beds, before sealing everything with polyacrylic.

Once the bed itself was finished, Mailey added some personal touches, including a lamp above each bed and framed pictures.

The kids were totally obsessed with their new beds and all the extra space they created so they can play in their room more often.

"The bunkbed was a serious game changer for this room, the kids now have space in the room to play and my niece has already started hanging up all of her artwork," the DIY whizz said.

Not only that, but the kids' mum was overjoyed because cleaning the room would be loads easier.

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