I look like Brad Pitt and I’m so hot women won’t date me – they’re also jealous of my daughters

BUILDER Nathan Meads is a site to behold — he looks just like Brad Pitt.

The 35-year-old hit the headlines last year, when he revealed he had been forced to remove his dating apps after being stalked by women obsessed with the 57-year-old A-lister.

He revealed he is often mistaken by starstruck strangers and said he has since been approached thousands of times.

The single dad from Oxford is now claiming that he can't find a girlfriend because women are jealous of his daughters.

Despite removing his profile on the apps, he still has hundreds of women messaging him on social media, hoping for a date with the lookalike.

But it seems the groundworker's resemblance to Brad Pitt isn't the only thing standing in his way of love.

Since starting dating again, he claims that the few women he has gone out with are "jealous" of the time Nathan spends with his two daughters.

Nathan told Jam Press: "At first they are fine with me spending my weekend with them but then it slowly starts to become a problem.

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"I'm not one of those guys who sleeps around. I'm really not into one-night-stands.

"I have two girls and you have to respect women.

"Personality to me is key and if they [his dates] are family-orientated.

"What I find is they are fine with me at first but then when they want to go away at the weekend to spend more time together, I tell them I can't.”

Nathan revealed that he is free during the week to meet dates but he prioritises his weekend to see his beloved daughters.

He continued: “During the week I can go on dates but the weekend is for my girls.

"It's just not fair to carry it on with someone if I can't give them what they want."

The dad-of-two – who started working as a part-time impersonator in 2018, having been told he was a Brit doppelgänger for the Oscar winner – takes his duties as a dad very seriously.


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Nathan explained: "I split up from their mum about three and a half years ago, so it's the only time I get with them.

"I wake up every Saturday to go over and get them and bring them back on the Sunday evening.

"I have to take it with both hands as there's going to be a time when they want to hang out with their friends and won't have time for their dad."


However, last year, Nathan said that he doesn’t want to settle down as his daughters are his priority.

He added: "I’m not really looking for love anyway and don’t want to settle down as my daughters are my world and my biggest priority.

"I’m not looking for my Angelina."

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