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WE ALL love to pop into Primark to pick up our essentials.

But one woman was left stunned by just how much the prices have gone up after visiting her local store.

Demi Yates, from the UK, shared a haul of her finds on TikTok, but was left shocked by just how much it cost her.

In the clip, Demi showed off what she bought included a cute pink checkered blazer and shorts inspired by the film clueless for £33 for both.

She said: "I really hope that looks nice (on), otherwise I'm taking it back."

Next, Demi bagged a £3 foundation brush and a cleansing balm for £3.50.


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Demi also picked up some essential fluffy socks for the winter months, but she noticed the price had slowly gone up.

A pack of two pairs of socks now cost Demi £3, she added: "Not bad, I feel like the prices at Primark have definitely gone up though."

The influencer also nabbed up a blue skort, a silk nighty, silk brown pyjamas and two Powerpuff Girls underwear sets for £13 each.

"That's quite pricey, £13 each for them but they're Powerpuff Girls so we don't mind that do we," she said.

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Demi also got some white mom jeans for £15, a dress for £13, two striped hoodies, a baby outfit for £16, and a green and white striped jumper for £8.

She added: "It's like an eco-friendly Where's Wally," that was eight quid, the prices are going up, I'm telling you now."

Demi also grabbed a packet of tights which she titled 'a pack of thrush.'

Finally, Demi grabbed some hair clips, earrings and cotton buds.

While there were definitely some bargains in the haul, Demi thought the prices were steadily going up.

"Pricey Primark," she captioned the post, and it seemed some users agreed.

One wrote: "so much more expensive! in my store they'd taken all the prices of because it was initially lower than the till price!"

"Check your receipt as I went in yesterday and spent £100+ and everything was priced wrong went back In and got refunds on £15 I was over charged," another person claimed.

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Others were in hysterics over Demi's thrush comment, one added: "omg a pack of thrush never heard truer words lmfao."

Another penned: "I is just choked on my water. A packet of thrush! F***ing gold!"

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