How to soundproof a room?

ARE you tired of hearing your neighbours scream and bang or the traffic jam outside your apartment?

Well here are some ways how you can block the noise from outside and finally enjoy some peace in your home or office.

How to soundproof a room?

Unless you get it professionally done with the materials and tools needed, you might not be able to fully soundproof a room.

This is because sound travels through air or bounces off objects.

These are some good ways to start soundproofing your room and quietening noisy neighbours.

Adding Mass

Try adding a library case or maybe some cupboards.

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Something that has a large high density.

This is because such objects absorb and reduce sound waves.

So if you have a loud neighbour, put a library case or a display against their wall and this should reduce the noise coming from them.

You can get soundproof wall covers to help absorb any noise.

Window work

Apply some seals to your windows but these might need to be replaced over time.

This can help prevent sound escaping your room and coming in through gaps around the window.

Double glazing can also help keep your windows soundproofed.

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Professional insulation

You can have insulation professionally applied to your walls or even have boards made to hang to your wall.

There are different qualities that you might choose from.

All tools are made with various materials as they create a vacuum for sound waves to be trapped in so they do not travel into your room.

How to soundproof windows to reduce noise?

Windows are a big culprit when it comes to letting in outside noise, so a well soundproofed window is great.

Check if there were any gaps left around the frame of your window when they were installed and if so apply some acoustic caulk to help block the noise from outside.

Weatherstripping can also be used to plug any gaps from the inside of your window – these are also known as window jambs.

You can also try installing some shutter or soundproofing covers over your windows.

These will also help to keep the room a bit more fresh during hot summer days.

If all else fails you can get soundproof glazed windows to really keep the room quiet.

How to soundproof ceilings and floors?

Depending on the type of ceiling or floor, there are many different ways to soundproof it.

The easiest is to fill any gaps under the floorboards, or above the ceiling, with soundproofing insulation.

This will absorb the sound as it travels and prevent any noise leaking through.

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You can also invest in sound-breaker bars to stop the vibrations travelling and causing noise.

If you have high ceilings you could look into an acoustic hanger, which would add a separation area to the ceiling and help reduce noise.

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