Home Bargains shoppers go wild for 29p bubblegum & banana wax melts & some say they're BETTER than Yankee Candle

JUST like running a bath or pouring yourself a glass of wine, setting up a wax melt is a small ritual that can help us unwind after a long day.

Along with reed diffusers, plugin air fresheners and candles, wax melts are a fantastic way to fill your home with a gorgeous scent – and one Home Bargains fan has sniffed out some great value options to rival Yankee Candle.

The Home Bargains shopper posted on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

"So obsessed with these wax melts I picked up in home bargains today, only 29p each and smell amazing – I love yankee wax tarts but imo these are nicer, they had loads of scents" she wrote, adding a heart-eye emojis.

"I've tried a few previously, I found they were quite strong and I got a few uses out of them but not saying that's the same for everyone," she added.

The Facebook post soon racked up well over a hundred likes and comments from other shoppers.

Many tagged friends in the post who they thought might like to see the 29p bargain wax melts.

Some people commented and said they hadn't found the melts to be very long lasting, while others recommended flavours like banana cake.

Lots of commenters said they'd go and have a look in their local store, or asked their friends in the comments to pick some up for them.

One smart Home Bargains fan even said she'd add it to her Christmas list.

The wax melts are labelled as vegan, and come in a range of scents from cocktail to apple, flowers and oriental – as well as banana cake and bubble gum.

Mrs Hinch is a big fan of wax melts, often picturing them in her beautiful grey home on her Instagram stories.

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