Expert reveals why you should ALWAYS take a photo of your hob before leaving the house

WE'VE all been there – you leave the house and realise you've forgotten to switch off the hob, or at the very least, you can't remember if you even checked at all, and you suddenly go into a panic.

But experts have revealed a super simple hack that could seriously change your life and eliminate the stress altogether – and all you need to do is take a photo.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? And that's because it is. Simply take a snap of the dials on your hob, and other power switches too, and your worries will wash away.

That's because if your heart rate begins to rise at the thought of leaving your appliances on, you can refer back to the photo as proof.

"If your brain starts to play the 'Did I really turn it off' game, you can simply tap your photo app and see for yourself," the Lifehacker expert suggests.

The simple hack is ideal for when you travel too, as jetting back home in a hurry is a little more difficult – but there's also another reason why you should be doing this.

"If something happens to my apartment while I was away, I have photo proof that it wasn't because I accidentally left the oven on or the window open," the expert explains.

The hack also works for other areas of concern, such as locking doors and closing windows – just shoot around and take photos before you leave so you'll feel at ease later on.

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