EXCLUSIVE: Liza Koshy Launches Fabletics Line

Liza Koshy’s first business venture in fashion was during her high school days.

“I used to sell T-shirts instead of studying for the SATs,” the entertainer said with a laugh.

It’s a story she has yet to share with the world: “I would buy a bunch of T-shirts from someplace and cut out holes and designs in the back and sell them for 20 bucks a pop in the bathroom between classes.”

For Koshy, the launch of her activewear collection, a partnership with Fabletics out Jan. 1, is a “full-circle moment, especially to have a set and leggings that have cutouts in them”.

Koshy has many roles as a content creator and comedian — rising to fame on Vine, then YouTube and more recently in Hollywood as an actress in Netflix’s “Work It” and television host for Nickelodeon’s revival of “Double Dare.” She has 18.7 million Instagram followers and 17.8 million YouTube subscribers.

“I’ve always loved designing,” she said, calling from Texas where she’s home for the holidays. “I’ve always loved stepping into roles and characters. What helps you do that is what you’re wearing, the costume that you’re wearing, and the confidence that comes with it.”

As a runner, she’s been a fan of Fabletics’ practical approach to athleisure. “I personally believe that pocketless pants are made by the devil, and Fabletics puts pockets practically everywhere,” she said.

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Working with the company, Koshy’s line focuses on functionality and versatility; there’s a convertible jacket with zippers, reversible sports bra, adjustable pants — and lots of pockets for her “giant iPad of a phone.” Using sculpting fabrics, there are touches of neon, tie-dye and zebra print with sizes ranging from XXS to 4X. Each item is named after someone who has empowered her in life, including her mother and sister.

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Fabletics, launched in 2013 by the TechStyle Fashion Group, has more than two million members in 10 countries and runs 50 brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. The company has a flexible membership program for VIPs, who are able to access discounted prices. For Koshy’s line, available in-store and online at fabletics.com, prices start at $34.95 for members.

Koshy’s goal was to create “comfortable and cute [apparel] that make you feel good,” she said.

“There’s no going back to what I wore before this year,” she added, referencing the impact of the pandemic. “Comfort is our new norm.”

While self-quarantined, she’s been writing for season three of her YouTube comedy series, “Liza on Demand,” and doing voice-over acting work.

“2020 has been a pause,” she said. “I’m still moving, but I’m in the same place. It’s wild.…It’s a roller coaster. Everything’s changing, but we’re all at home.”

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