Ex Primark employees reveal how to NEVER pay full price in the shop & it’s all about knowing exactly where to rummage

PRIMARK is one of Britain's favourite cheap and cheerful retailers, with a constant supply of budget friendly clothes and bargains. 

Shoppers are always looking to nab the best deals in the shop – from searching for extra reduced items to trawling through boxes near the tills for cheap old stock.

Fabulous spoke to the experts and rounded up the top insider tips to give you the best ways to never pay full price at the popular fast-fashion chain.


Aimee, 28, who worked in an Essex Primark store until early this year, admitted she never paid ‘full price’ when shopping in Primark as a customer. 

The former retail operative, who began working in Primark in 2013, said sale rails and ‘odd items’ are the best place to start to avoid paying full price. 

The 28-year-old said: "Look at the items at the back! 

"There may be odd items behind other clothing which are usually old stock. Older stock is the stuff that is more likely to be reduced. 

"I never usually bought anything full price as I couldn't afford it so I always looked on sale rails and checked the odd items I could find.’ 

The ex Primark worker said those looking to avoid paying full price in the store and are in hunt of a bargain, should always check the sale rails every week. 

But she said it’s important to look through neatly as bargains can get missed in the chaos.

She added: "If you want a good bargain, I suggest looking through properly and as neatly as you can as once people start knocking items off hangers, you can’t get to the other bargains with all the hangers tangled and stuck together. 

"I used to look through the sale rails weekly as every week some stock gets reduced and sometimes stock that is reduced can get missed where staff have so much to mark down.

"So if there is something that looks like old stock and looks like it has been there a while, it’s definitely worth checking at the till.

"My tip would be to keep checking sale rails weekly especially near the end of the week as that’s when they usually have reduced days in every department.’ 


However Aimee also said there’s a way to get your hands on reduced sale items even if they appear sold out in your size during your shopping visit. 

The former worker said shoppers can wait till an item goes on sale and then ring other stores to check if they have it, to get a good bargain and avoid paying full price. 

She said: "If you’ve found something you like but it isn’t in store, take a picture of the code on the tag and ring around the other stores to see if they have it. 

"They can check in their store if they have it – you can even do this with sale items, to ensure you get the best deals."

Aimee said there’s lots of ways to avoid paying full price but people need to be clever and keep their eyes peeled for bargains.

Last year university student Georgia Ponton, 20, revealed that staff often know what items are going to be reduced and put in the sales. 

The 20-year-old from Kettering in Northamptonshire worked at Primark during the weekends right after college, back in July 2017.

The former worker encouraged customers to ask staff if items are going to be reduced – to avoid paying full price. 

She previously revealed: "Since staff have to be prepared for the sales, like Boxing Day or New Year's Day, they might be given a piece of paper with all the things in their department that are going on sale.

"If you like something but think that it could be going out of season or there aren't many left, ask a supervisor or manager.

"If it's going on sale soon, and they should be able to tell you, then you can decide whether to buy it then or come back."


Meanwhile, former Primark worker Aimee said it’s always a good idea to search the boxes near the tills for reduced items. 

She revealed new stock is usually put at the front of the store on stands, while many people miss the bargains in the boxes.

There are also usually boxes near the tills and end of aisles where they put in products that are usually good deals or reduced items so always worth a look!

She said: ‘‘Everyday, there was new stock coming in across the store which was usually put at the front of stands to catch people’s attention.

"There are also usually boxes near the tills and end of aisles where they put in products that are usually good deals or reduced items so always worth a look!"


Another former worker recently told her trade secrets and shared her insider knowledge of the bargain fashion store with her 72,000 followers on TikTok.

Poleigh Soper revealed there’s a way to avoid paying full price if an item a shopper would like to purchase is slightly faulty. 

Poleigh recommended in her video: "If you've got a slight bit of dirt or damage on an item and they don't have any more of them in your size take it to the till.

"If you're still happy to buy it that's 10 percent off."

Elsewhere on social media, Primark fans are always sharing the news that they’ve managed to avoid paying full price and have secured an even cheaper bargain in the high street store.

One enthusiastic shopper shared on Twitter: "Bought a £3 jumper from the Primark reduced section and it may well be the comfiest jumper I’ve ever worn.’"

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While another Primark lover revealed: "Saw this beaded bag in Primark last week, and wanted it so bad but was £12 and I was too skint. 

"Went in today and it has been reduced to £5! Manifesting and giving gratitude is real kids and very powerful!" 

A third added: "How cheap am I? Well, even when shopping in Primark, I only ever look at the reduced rails and basics range."

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