Dakota Johnson Says Mom Melanie Griffith Took Her to Get Her Belly Button Pierced at Age 14

Dakota Johnson just revealed that she and mom Melanie Griffith got mother-daughter belly button piercings together when the Fifty Shades of Grey actress was 14 years old.

Johnson, 31, shared some details about her collection of tattoos and piercings during a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and told the host that Griffith, 63, took her to get her first body piercing when she was a teen. And while they were there, Griffith ended up getting one too!

"She took me to get my belly button pierced when I was 14, and she also got her belly button pierced. I don't know why I am telling you this," Johnson told James Corden with a laugh.

That wasn't the only time that Johnson's mom came along — she also joined the star when she went to get inked for the first time. "My mom took me to get my first tattoo," Johnson added.


However, Johnson's dad, actor Don Johnson, 71, was less pleased with the idea. "He said that if I ever got a tattoo he would disown me," Johnson said. But she got around that by getting a tattoo "of something he used to say."

Over the years, the actress has acquired "like 11 or 12" tattoos all over her body, which Corden was surprised to hear, saying that she didn't seem like a "tattoo fiend" to him.

"'I'm not a tattoo fiend. It's 2021. That is conservative," Johnson replied. She went on to say that as she's gotten older, she does wish she rethought some of the ink. "I regret some of them because they are just silly now," she said.

One that she considers "silly" because it's "too serious" is an arm tattoo with the phrase, "action not words" written in Latin. She explained that it was the saying her father used to tell to her as a teenager.

Both Johnson and Griffith took to Instagram yesterday to celebrate another famous family member — their grandmother and mother (respectfully) actress Tippi Hedren on her 91st birthday.

Each shared throwback photos of Hedren with a sweet caption. "Happy Birthday Mom!! You are as beautiful today , at 91 years old , as you were at 22 in this first photo. I love you so much. ♥️ @tippihedrenofficial," wrote Griffith.

"Happy Birthday Mor Mor," Johnson wrote next to the shots, using the her sweet nickname for her grandma.

Last year, Griffith posted a sweet throwback photo with Johnson captioning it, "Dakota and Mama 1998❤️💫❤️."

In the heartwarming snap, Griffith is seen embracing her daughter from behind as the blonde-haired, blue-eyed duo smile for the camera.

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