Cleaning fan gets her filthy tanning mitt looking as good as new in three easy steps

YOU might be an absolute pro at fake tanning – but admit it, it's almost impossible not to make a mess. And our trusty tanning mitts always get the brunt of it.

Thankfully, one cleaning fan has shared her quick three-step method for getting her mitt looking brand new – and it couldn't be easier.

Sharing her method on her TikTok channel, Jasmin Wilson joked she "had way too much time cleaning" her filthy tanning mitt.

To begin with, Jasmin sprayed The Pink Stuff Oxi Stain Remover (which costs just £1.50 in Home Bargains) over the mitt and used the 89p paste version of the product on the seams.

She then applied a £2 Dr Beckmann Stain Devils spray over the top and chucked it in the sink.

Once it was sodden with cleaning products, Jasmin poured boiling water over the mitt and watched as the fake tan stains melted away.

And to give it a thorough rinse afterwards, Jamin finished the short clip by chucking the mitt in the washing machine to ensure no harsh chemicals would still be lingering when she next goes to use it.

Needless to say, other cleaning fans were in awe of the results and Jasmin's video has racked up over 39,000 "likes".

One replied: "I love The Pink Stuff!"

Another gushed: "I needed this badly!"

  • Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Spray, £2 from Morrisons – buy now

  • The Pink Stuff, 89p from The Range – buy now

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