Bloke turns dingy attic into a MASSIVE walk-in wardrobe for his wife & it’s bigger than most people’s houses

A DOTING husband turned his dingy attic into an incredible walk-in wardrobe for his wife – with some people saying it’s bigger than their own houses. 

Rodolfo Cabrera, 40, was lacking in storage space, so he decided to repurpose the loft in their Maryland home – transforming it into the closet of dreams for his wife, Idaly Cabrera, 37. 

Rodolfo spent three weeks on the project – which his daughter, Josdallana, can also enjoy – going with a chic monochrome theme. 

Rodolfo said: “My wife and I needed more space for our clothes. 

“One day I went up to my attic and I began to think, 'wow we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else’.”

The dark attic was transformed using timber walls, grey paint, shelves made from wooden planks and a PVC floor, using supplies from local hardware stores. 

Rodolfo, who owns a construction company called Remodeling and Design LLC, roped in his friends to help him out, spending £20,339 ($25,000) on labour and materials. 

He finished it off by adding a table and chair inside, with people claiming the loft alone is bigger than their house. 

Josdallana shared snaps of the finished result to Twitter, saying: “Anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic.”

The post has since gone viral, racking up 439,000 likes, with one person commenting: “Oh God I could live up there.”

Someone else thought: “Whole ass apartment lmfao.”

A third wrote: “It was at this point that I knew I need a bob the builder typer husband.”

Someone else said: “It’s her new hibernating spot. A chair in there too? Mama’s never leaving.”

This person reckoned: “Your dad built an entire house.”

While someone else added: “Bigger than my studio de 18m2.”

For anyone looking to revamp their own closet, Rodolfo explained exactly how he achieved the finished result, adding: "I spent an estimate of £20k ($25K) to £24k ($30K) on labour and material. 

"My workers helped me out and they got paid for the help. For the closet, I used 2×4 for the framing and a drywall to build the walls. 

"I then had the drywall plastered and got it ready for the shelves and paint. 

“The shelves were made out wood planks. I used PVC laminate for the floor, which is a wood looking plank but it’s made out of plastic and other materials.

"It’s also waterproof.”

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