BassCoutur Men’s Fall 2021

For his debut on the Paris Men’s Fashion Week calendar, Riad Trabelsi presented a polished collection of contemporary fashion, constructed from the reams of unused fabrics he has carefully sourced — some of it intended for furniture or originally meant as lining in garments.

The label is blazing a path that many established brands seem to be tip-toeing around, making covetable clothing from materials that have been cast aside and forgotten.

In the furniture department, an embroidered cotton fabric in blue hues was transformed into an elegant hoodie and an imposing trench coat and, in a bright red version, a trim baseball cap, coat and trousers.

Basscoutur Men's Fall 2021

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“I fell in love with this fabric — I bought 400 meters of it,” he enthused.

Silhouettes were tightly edited, which served to highlight the unusual and varied fabrics without letting things get overwhelming. A simply cut, body-hugging dress with thin straps was made from a colorful patchwork of knits while tailoring was sharply focused — cinched coats with wide lapels and double-breasted suit jackets that could be worn tight around the waist or fastened loosely. A cropped puffer jacket was cleverly reconstructed — offered in solid black or olive. Swimsuit material from the 1990s was remade into a top and dress — lined with T-shirt cotton for structure, adding to the layers over an asymmetrical skirt. Everything is meant to be unisex, and come in one adjustable size, adding to the label’s economical approach to production.

“We are trying to come up with staples that can be renewed in the future, without becoming repetitious,” he said.

The film presentation, shot in Tunis by Bachir Tayachi, highlighted the clothing effectively, showing models outdoors, gathered on a beach — around a pile of plastic garden chairs — and strolling along a train platform.

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