Barbie Ferreira's Contact-Lens-Safe Nails and Other Celebrity Holiday Manicures

Megan Thee Stallion’s Holiday Nail Art

What do you do when a global pandemic puts all traditional holiday parties and extravagant events on pause? Channel all your energy into a holiday manicure, of course. That’s what so many celebrities are doing ahead of the holidays this year.

As much as we love traditional holiday nail art like candy cane designs, hand-painted snowflakes, and ornament decals, we’re also suckers for insanely creative manicures. Dua Lipa takes the cake for the most out-of-the-box, nontraditional holiday design ever with her neon heart and cherub mani (it’s one you have to see for yourself), while Megan Thee Stallion’s lipstick-shaped nude manicure with red bows is so festive, it looks like it was pulled out of a Hallmark movie.

But if we had to pick, Barbie Ferreira wins for the best holiday manicure of the year — not just because we love her marble-green french tips so much, but because of a very small, genius detail. While the rest of Ferreira’s nails have longer acrylics on them, her index and middle fingers on her right hand are without. We’d like to think she opted to keep those two nails shorter to make life a little easier — perhaps to take her contact lenses out? We’ll never know, but we’re obsessed with the idea just the same.

See all the best celebrity holiday nail art looks so far, ahead.

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