ASOS makes typo on bag and blames it on ‘Homer Simpson moment’

Fashion fans are cracking up at an accidental blunder from ASOS.

Shoppers were quick to notice a slight problem with one of the products on the company website.

It seems one of the shopper bags currently on sale has a typo on the front of it.

Customers have pointed out that the ‘Be Kind’ bag, which retails for £6, has a letter missing from the word ‘breathe’ – so it currently reads ‘Sleep Breath Reflect’.

What’s more, according to the ASOS website, the bag is still ‘selling fast’

People have taken to Twitter to vocalise their confusion.

One person posted: ‘Bought lots of your stuff over the years. Am I missing something re. this bag? Surely “breath” should be “breathe”, right?’

Someone else said: ‘Think it’s meant to be “breathe” and not “breath”. Imagine paying £6 on a canvas shopping bag that isn’t even correct.’

Another wrote: ‘@ASOS_HeretoHelp is this meant to say breath or was it supposed to say breathe?’ – to which ASOS responded.

The online retailer replied: ‘Thank you for pointing that out looks like one of our designers has had a Homer Simpson moment there. I will get this looked into.’

ASOS is, of course, referring to the iconic ‘d’oh’ moments made by the lovable character.

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