48 Genius Things That Make Your Crap Look Nice & Organized

Do I have a habit of accumulating clutter? Absolutely. Whether there are clothes lazily thrown about my closet or my bathroom drawers are overflowing with toiletries, it’s safe to say that I’m not the most organized person out there. But with a little help from these clever products available on Amazon, it didn’t take long before my entire home was straightened out.

Sure, my closet and bathroom are always in dire need of help — but the rest of my home could also use a little pick-me-up. If you’re on the same boat, don’t worry — I’ve made sure to include helpful organizers you can use all over your house. Got a mudroom that’s overflowing with hangers? Just pop the over-the-door clothes rack I’ve selected onto any entryway, and you’ll instantly have more storage space. And if your backpack is a jumbled mess of stuff, be sure to check out the sturdy insert with tons of pockets; there’s even a zippered one for loose change and cash.

Whether you’re looking to organize your home or simply make all your crap look nice, you can’t go wrong with all the genius products on Amazon. Keep scrolling to check out my favorites.

1. The Shoe Slot Organizers That Save Space In Your Closet

Just add these slots to your shoe rack, and they’ll let you double your shoes up on top of each other to help save precious storage space. The non-slip design keeps your shoes in place so that they don’t slide out, and each one is made from thick ABS plastic.

2. A Set Of Airtight Containers To Keep Snacks Fresh

Pasta, nuts, candy, flour — you name it, and these food containers can help keep it fresh for future use. They’re airtight as well as BPA-free, and each order comes with 14 of them: four small, four medium, four large, and two extra-large. They’re also great for storing art supplies.

3. These Dividers To Keep Your Clothes Drawers Organized

You can use these dividers for your dresser, but they’re versatile enough that you can also put them elsewhere. (I use mine to separate the cooking utensils I keep in kitchen drawers.) Plus, the ends are coated in soft foam to help prevent scratches. Grab them in packs of four, six, and eight.

4. A Convenient Shelf For Your Plastic Wrap & Foil

Don’t let your boxes of foil and plastic wrap take up precious drawer space — just keep them on this stand. It’s wide enough to fit up to three boxes in a row, and the heavy gauge steel construction is durable so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it.

5. This Monitor Riser That Adds Storage To Your Desk

Just pop this riser underneath your monitor, and you’ll instantly add storage space where you can stash notebooks, pencils, or even just your keyboard. Most reviewers found that assembly only takes a few short minutes, and there’s even a designated slot to hold your smartphone.

6. An Organizer That Fits Around Your Sink Plumbing

The pipes underneath your sink make it difficult to install most shelves — except for these ones. Not only are they designed to wrap around your plumbing, but the height and depth are also adjustable so that you can customize them to fit your cabinet.

7. The Narrow Bathroom Cabinet That Fits Next To Your Toilet

With its slim profile and built-in shelves, this storage cabinet is perfect for extra rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, books, or anything else you want to keep nearby while you’re on the toilet. The top is perfect for small items like cell phones, and there’s even a tissue dispenser built into one of the shelves.

8. This Closet Organizer That Can Hold Up To 30 Belts & Ties

With its chic titanium finish, this organizer is a must-have for anyone who has trouble keeping track of their belts and ties. It’s able to hold up to 30 of either, and the rack glides out smoothly so it’s easy to see your entire collection at once.

9. The Compact Holder That Stores Up To 8 Keys

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your keys — but don’t want to put them on a bulky keyring – just grab this key holder. It’s able to hold up to eight keys, and it’s made from durable aircraft aluminum. Choose from three colors: blue, black, and red.

10. A Pair Of Dividers For The Clothes Piles On Your Shelves

If the stuff on your shelves has a tendency to bleed into each other, these dividers are easy ways to keep things neat and separated. They slide onto your shelves without any tools necessary, and each one is made from durable steel that won’t warp under pressure.

11. This Headphone Stand That Mounts Underneath Your Desk

Instead of constantly knocking your headphones over, hang them safely underneath your desk using this mount. There’s enough space for up to two pairs, and each order comes with sticky 3M adhesive — no drilling required. Many reviewers even wrote about how they’re impressed with how "high-quality" the silicone construction is.

12. A Bag Hanger That Comes In Handy At Restaurants

Setting your bags on the ground at restaurants is a quick way to get dirt on them, so why not use this hanger? You can wear it as a cute bangle bracelet until you’re ready to use it — and then, just clip it onto the side of the table when you want to hang your bag. Choose from seven finishes, including rose gold, polished silver, matte gold, and more.

13. The Hangers Designed To Fit On Your Car Headrests

Have you ever had your grocery bags spill out all over the backseat of your car? If so, make sure to check out these headrest hooks. Each one is strong enough to hold up to 18 pounds — and unlike the ceiling hooks in your back seat, they won’t block your sight if you hang clothes on them.

14. A Tiered Basket For Toiletries, Spices, & More

It doesn’t matter whether you use it for toiletries, spices, or even office supplies — this tiered set of sliding drawers is an easy way to tidy up any space. The unit is made from sturdy metal, and you have the choice of four finishes: black, pink, white, or silver.

15. The Cable Clip That Can Hold Up To 7 Tech Wires

When your desk is an overwhelming mess of cables and wires, just use these cord managers to straighten everything out. The slots are large enough for cables of all shapes and sizes. Plus, each order comes with adhesive so that you can easily stick them anywhere — desks, entertainment systems, and more.

16. An Insert That Helps You Straighten Out Your Backpack

I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost something in the bottom of my backpack because the pocket is so big — that’s why I got this insert. It’s made from sturdy felt, and it adds more than 10 pockets you can use to keep your items sorted.

17. This Clothes Rack That Adds Storage To Doors

Drilling into your walls can seem daunting, but this clothes rack doesn’t require any drilling to hang up — just pop the hooks over any standard door and it’s ready to go. It’s sturdy enough to hold up to 35 pounds, and there are two finishes to pick from: chrome or white.

18. The Organizer That Can Hold Up To 10 Caps On Your Clothes Hanger

Don’t take up precious shelf space with baseball caps — just hang them on this organizer. There are enough clips for up to 10 hats, and they’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel. One reviewer even raved, "I also like that you can pull a hat from the middle without having to rearrange all the hats in front of or behind it."

19. The Tiered Shower Caddy That Doesn’t Require Drilling

You have options with this shower caddy: Mount it into your shower wall using the included hardware, or use the free adhesive to stick it on without any drilling required. It’s sturdy enough to hold up to 11 pounds, and the corner design helps save space.

20. A Bedside Caddy For Magazines, Tablets, & More

When you don’t have enough space for a nightstand, this bedside caddy is a must-have. The soft felt tucks underneath your mattress to keep it stable, and there are multiple pockets where you can keep magazines, books, phones, or even tablets.

21. The Rotating Tea Organizer With Space For Up To 60 Bags

Not only is this tea organizer chic enough to be left out on display in your kitchen, but it also spins so that it’s easy to reach everything. There’s enough space for up to 60 bags, and the chrome finish matches any style of decor.

22. These Waterproof Backseat Organizers With Windows For Your Tech

You don’t have to worry about spills with these backseat organizers, as each one is made from waterproof material. They’re durable and made from a combination of nylon, plastic, and polyester — and there’s even a clear pocket on each one for watching videos on tablets.

23. A Tree-Shaped Bookshelf That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Whereas traditional bookshelves can take up a ton of square footage, this one features a narrow, tee-shaped design that helps you save space in cramped rooms. Each shelf can hold up to five books or more, and many reviewers wrote about how assembly was a breeze.

24. A Broom Holder With Hooks For Extra Items

Not only does this organizer have slots for up to five brooms or mops, but there are also six hooks mounted on the front where you can hang umbrellas, scrubbers, keys, and more. Each order comes with all the hardware you need for mounting, and the slots are able to securely hold up to 6.5 pounds each.

25. The 3-In-1 Bathroom Organizer For Toothbrushes, Cups, & More

With space for manual and electric toothbrushes, this organizer makes it easy to keep any bathroom countertop looking neat. There’s also space for stacking small paper cups, and it’s made from durable, BPA-free plastic. Choose from over 10 colors, including white, espresso, black, gray, and more.

26. A Set Of Clear Bins For Sorting Out Your Pantry

With four large and four small in each order, you’ll be able to keep everything from fruits to cans of soda in these bins. They’re BPA-free as well as transparent, so you can see what’s inside with just a glance — and the built-in handles make them easy to move around.

27. These Bins You Can Use To Organize Your Drawers

Whether your cluttered drawers are full of cosmetics or office supplies, these bins can help organize them. Each order comes with six in varying sizes so that you can configure them to fit however you like, and the silicone feet prevent them from sliding around.

28. An Over-The-Door Basket For Your Ironing Supplies

Boards, fabric sprays, irons — you name it, this over-the-door basket can keep it neatly stashed away. The hook on the bottom lets you hang an ironing board so it’s out of the way, and you even have the option of mounting it with the included hardware.

29. The Toilet Paper Holder With Space For Extra Rolls

As long as you keep a few extras in the bottom of this toilet paper holder, you’ll never have to wonder around in search of more when the current roll runs out. There’s enough space for up to three rolls, and there are two different finishes to pick from: silver or bronze.

30. A Rack Specifically Made For Your Water Bottles

Tired of your water bottles rolling around when you lay them flat in the fridge? Just grab this rack. There’s space for up to six bottles, and it’s designed to fit in your fridge as well as on your countertops. The shelves are even adjustable — just in case you have a few extra-large bottles.

31. The Grill Rack For Condiments, Utensils, Paper Towels, & More

Most grills don’t boast a ton of storage space for accessories, so why not grab this rack? It attaches to the shelf on the side of most grills, so everything you need will be at your side as you cool. There’s not only a shelf, but also four double-sided hooks for spatulas, tongs, and more.

32. A Collapsible Drying Rack For Cramped Spaces

Don’t clutter up your home by laying out delicates to dry — just hang them on this drying rack. It can be collapsed down when you’re not using it so that it’s easy to tuck away into storage, and it even comes pre-assembled for added convenience.

33. This Bento Lunch Box That’s Completely Leakproof

If you like to keep all the parts of your meal separate (like I do), then this bento box is absolutely perfect for packing lunches. The containers are separated — and since there are three containers in total, it’s easier than ever to pack extra snacks.

34. A Tiny Gadget That Prints Out Handy Labels

Not only are there 20 different ways to format your text, but this label maker is also easy to type on since it has a traditional QWERTY keyboard. The large LCD screen is easy to read, and it only requires six AAA batteries (which aren’t included). Use it to label things like notebooks, food containers, and more.

35. The Smartphone Mount That Sticks To Glass

There are zero tools required to mount this smartphone and tablet holder to your windows and mirrors — just press it on and you’re ready to go. It easily peels off once you’re done, and the adhesion is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about accumulated moisture.

36. A Set Of Laundry Bags That Keep Your Clothes Tangle-Free

I can’t count how many times my bras have come out of the wash tangled with my pants, and that’s why I grabbed these laundry bags. They’re made from fine mesh so that they won’t impede soap from cleaning your clothes, yet they’ll still keep your garments sorted to help prevent stretching and damage.

37. This Magnetic Lint Bin That Sticks Onto Your Dryer

Instead of tossing lint onto the ground and hoping someone sweeps the floor in the near future, just place it in this bin. The magnet on the back lets you stick it onto your washer or dryer, and the slim profile even allows it to fit between your machines.

38. The Bag Dispenser That Doubles As A Wrapping Paper Holder

Fill it with plastic grocery bags, or use this dispenser to hold your tubes of wrapping paper. Each order comes with all the hardware needed to screw it into a wall or door, and it’s made from thick, high-quality plastic for added durability.

39. This Armrest Organizer With 6 Handy Pockets

Smartphones, magazines, tablets, remotes — you name it, this armrest organizer can keep it safe until you need it. It’s available in dozens of colors so that you can pick one to match your furniture, and the fabric it’s made from is shrink-proof as well as wrinkle-resistant (so feel free to wash it if you need to).

40. A Set Of Shelves You Can Hang In Your Closet

If your closet could use a few extra shelves, why not grab this hanging organizer? The metal hooks are designed to fit on any standard closet rod, and it’s made from fabric reinforced with thick, sturdy boards to help it maintain its shape.

41. These Magnetic Spice Racks That Stick To The Side Of Your Fridge

With powerful magnets built into the backs of these shelves, you’ll easily be able to stick them to the side of your fridge for easy access to spices, notepads, and other things. They’re made from thick, high-quality steel, and the magnets are strong enough to hold up to 5 pounds each.

42. A Bamboo Cutting Board With Built-In Storage Containers

You don’t need separate bowls to store your ingredients once they’re been chopped — just slide them into the bins built into the bottom of this cutting board. The board itself is made from eco-friendly bamboo, and the juice grooves along the edges help keep your countertops clean.

43. The Paper Towel Holder That Mounts Underneath Your Cabinets

Don’t have the counter space for a bulky paper towel holder? Just mount this one underneath one of your cabinets. It’s made from durable plastic that easily pulls apart when it’s time to replace the roll, and each order comes with all the hardware you’ll need to install it.

44. These Sock Holders That Keep Your Pairs Together

Tired of misplacing just one sock out of the pair? Then keep them together using these ring clips. Each order comes with 30 clips, and they’re large enough for socks of all shapes and sizes — including extra-woolly ones.

45. This Shower Caddy With 7 Pockets For Your Toiletries

Brushes, shampoos, soaps, hot tools — you name it, this bathroom caddy can handle it. The waterproof design means you can even hang it in your shower for easy access to scrubbers, and the metal hooks are also rustproof.

46. A Dish Drying Rack That Collapses Down Flat For Storage

Dish racks take up a ton of space no matter where they are — except for this one. Once your dishes are dry, you can easily collapse it down so that it fits underneath your sink (or even in a cabinet). It comes in both gray and royal blue.

47. The Tiered Makeup Organizer With Built-In Drawers

Whether your vanity is overflowing with makeup or skincare products, this organizer is a must-have. There are two built-in drawers where you can keep jewelry and other delicate items — and it’s completely waterproof, making it easy to clean. Choose from three colors: white, black, or green.

48. A Storage Basket To Keep Your Mail & Keys In One Place

Do you misplace your keys frequently? If so, just hang them up on one of the five hooks underneath this basket the moment you walk through the door. Then, you’ll always know right where they are (including your mail). It’s made from shatter-resistant plastic and comes in five colors.

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