10 at home workout apps to keep you fit during lockdown

THE gyms may be shut, but don't despair; your health kick can still be possible with the help of many premium at home workout apps.

Forget the expensive personal trainer, these are the best home workout apps to help you keep fit during lockdown.

All you'll need is some leggings, and a smartphone; but with the gyms appearing to be shut for sometime, these are the best at home workout apps for a brilliant way to keep healthy at home.

With planning, motivation, workouts, and motivation, they have everything you need to get your body moving, feel better, and even lose a few pounds if you wanted.

Available on Google Play Store, and the App Store, the apps offer a number of subscriptions or options for every kind of exerciser.

Many will offer a free trial or introductory package, so make sure you don't miss out.


The Shreddy app lets users sweat it out in high-energy workouts,real-time classes and tasty, and healthy meal plans.

The Shreddy Kit also allows customers to step up their game with top quality gym accessories, and vegan certified nutritional supplements; and of course, the Shreddy Club, a friendly community of users to help you stay motivated!

All SHREDDY Kit and GET SHREDDY nutrition products are available on www.shreddy.com.

The SHREDDY app is available for £9.99 per month from the App Store and Android store.

  • Download Shreddy from the App Store and for Android – click here


A favourite with celebs, the Fiit app is sure to be a favourite of yours too.

With workouts led by world-class trainers across a number of areas including strength, cardio and even yoga and pilates, there's something for everyone.

Fearne Cotton, Giovanna Fletcher and Binky Felstead are all fans.

You can sign up or a 14 day free trial, and then there's a range of yearly, quarterly and monthly plans with prices from £10 a month.

  • Download Fiit – click here

3. Peloton


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Made famous by their iconic bikes, there's more to the Peleton App than just cycling.

Of course, Peloton or bike owners can enjoy their popular classes as an All-Access Member, but they also have a Peloton Digital Membership which costs just £12.99 a month.

Users can enjoy over ten workout types, including strength, yoga, cycling, outdoor running, bootcamp and more.

Digital Members can also get two months free.

  • Download Peloton – click here

4. Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium is designed to work in conjunction with their popular fitness trackers.

With advanced insights, guided programmes, sleep tools, games and challenges, workouts and more, it uses your personalised insights to help you make smarter choices.

Available through monthly, and yearly membership, the Premium plan costs £7.99 a month.

However, they're currently offering a 90 day free trial which is not to be sniffed at.

If that wasn't enough, Fitbit is now compatibable with other workout apps including Fiit and to celebrate they've launched their own challenge.

Fitbit has launched the Four x Four Challenge with Fiit,Fitbit users can join the challenge in the Fiit app, connect their Fitbit smartwatch and take part in any four classes (or more) each week for the chance to win prizes throughout January – you can sign up here.

  • Download Fitbit Premium – click here

5. Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club has over 190 workouts, with workouts led byworld-class Nike Master Trainers, across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility.

Sessions range from 15–45 minutes, with four – six week training plans, and are designed to help you see and feel results.

The premium membership will cost you £13.49 a month.

  • Download Nike+ Training Club from the App Store and for Andriod – click here

6. Freeletics


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Trusted by 50 million, Freeletics features workouts built around you.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or stay active, Freeletics' Coaches will analyse your fitness and goals for a personalised experience.

The app will help you set up a six to twelve training plan to suit your personal goals, and the space and equipment you have available.

It's £25.99 for free months, but there's currently 30 per cent off.

There's also nutrition support to help you achieve your goals.

  • Download Nike+ Training Club from the App Store and for Andriod click here

6. Couch to 5K

The Couch to 5K app isn't specifically a personal trainer or workout app, but deserves a special mention.

Designed to take novice runners to their first full 5k, it breaks your runs up into manageable parts over nine weeks (or longer, you can go at your own pace).

There's five trainers to choose from  from broadcaster and former Olympian Michael Johnson, comedians Sarah Millican and Sanjeev Kohli, BBC presenter Jo Whiley.

Best of all, it's free.

  • Download Couch to 5k on the App Store and for Andriod – click here

7. Jennis

Jennis is Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill's at home fitness app with programmes and plans created and coached by Jess.

Programmes include HIIT, strength, running, recovery and more, with sessions ranging from five to 29 minutes.

Different programmes are available for changing needs, and different life stages including fitness, cycle mapping pregnancy and postnatal.

It's available for £14.99 a month, and there's also a 14 day trial.

  • Download Jennis on the App Store and for Andriod – click here

8. Joe Wicks The Body Coach

Joe coached us all through the first lockdown, and his Body Coach app is designed to help you start your journey to a "fitter, healthier, happier you".

With live workouts every week that all users can join and led by Joe, tailored meals that have been expertly personalised for all diets, and real time workouts or every fitness level that change through your journey, it aims to help you stick to a 90 day goal and beyond.

The personalised app experience will set you back £14.99 per month, £37.99 every three months, and there's currently £20 off a yearly subscription which is £69.99, but would usually be £89.99.

  • Download The Body Coach on the App Storeclick here

9. Auro

Auro describes itself as the app made for real people with real trainers.

There's 700 classes to choose from, across 11 different categories & an extra dollop of 50 more added each month.

There's also a number of training plans to choose from, and they'll even chuck in a 14 day free trial; after that it's £59.99 for a year, or £11.99 a month.

This year they are also the Official Training Partner for the Winter Run, supporting Cancer Research UK, a first of its kind immersive 10k audio-guided virtual run, and you can get a free training plan here.

  • Sign up to Auro – click here

10. TruConnect

Truconnect promises something for everyone, with workouts from HIIT, to yoga, to barre, to circuit training, boxing and more.

Priced at just £9.99 a month, users can also expect to find exclusive workout content from the likes of Gemma Atkinson, Helen Flanagan, Jessica Wright and more.

Content can be streamed via the TRUCONNECT app, with hundreds of workouts on your smartphone, tablet or TV, also with access to over 45 e-books, that act as an opportunity for everyone to improve their body and mind.

Truconnect by TV.FIT is available to download on iOS or Android; £9.99 a month.

  • Sign up to Truconnect here

How can I workout at home?

Working out at home is easy, just pull on a pair of leggings, load up an app and go.

Many apps will have classes, moves and workouts where you don't need any equipment so they're accessible to all.

What should I wear to workout in?

Make sure you wear something comfortable to workout in, you can't go wrong with leggings, a loose top and a sports bra.

Try not to wear anything restricting, and don't worry about trainers.

What is the best gym equipment for my home?

If you're looking for some gym equipment for home you'll want something small, and easily stored; unless you're thinking of investing in a bike.

You can't go wrong with handheld weights, resistance bands, mats, or kettlebells – as all these can be used for a number of workouts.

Where can I buy home gym equipment?

There are a number of places you can shop for home gym equipment, including retailers such as Decathlon, Sports Direct, and Amazon.

However they've been popular since lockdown, and stocks are low so you might have a bit of a weight.

How long should a home workout last?

A home workout can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your fitness levels and what you want to achieve.

To get yourself moving and healthier, 20-30 minutes of exercise sh9ould be ample.

What are the best home workouts?

It'll all depend on what kind of exercises you want to do, whether you're looking to stretch, a HIIT class or even weights.

There's plenty of choice on the mentioned apps.

Where can I rent gym equipment?

It'll depend where you live, but there are a number of companies which will let you rent equipment including homegym.uk, hirefitness.co.uk and more

What should I use to clean gym equipment?

A disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth should do it; make sure to wipe down the entire machine or bench with your cloth, rewetting as needed.

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