Services and Facilities

CENDEP offers the following services. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these.

We identify, test and spread successful models of natural resource management as well as sustainable agriculture for sustainable development.

We provide socio-economic and agricultural survey services and information to guide understanding of local development needs as well as provide input in mitigating the impact of development initiatives on local populations.

CENDEP owns the following facilities. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these.

Plant Nursery
CENDEP has a nursery with propagators where vegetative propagation trials can be conducted. Farmers can learn about vegetative propagation techniques especially the eru seed multiplication using this facility.

Analogue Forest Demonstration Farm
Over the years CENDEP has developed its eru demonstration farm into an analogue forest. This demonstration serves as an example of local farmers can create forest with direct benefits for them and their communities.

Eru Processing Facility
Working with her donors and collaborators CENDEP have established a processing unit for eru (Gnetum spp), an important non timber forest product in the area. This facility is available to provide training to farmer groups that are interested in adding value to the produce prior to marketing.