Our Partners
CENDEP remains grateful to all her partners, new and old, who have each in their own way contributed in giving the organization the means not only to empower herself but also serve her target population. We are grateful and count on everyone, especially the Government of Cameroon that guarantees the framework for agriculture and biodiversity conservation as well as the international community that offers us the means to carry out our work.

Mount Cameroon Project-Limbe Botanic Garden
In 1999 the exited DFID-funded Mount Cameroon Project Limbe through Limbe Botanic Garden provided training to CENDEP and other community groups on Eru domestication. This was followed by financial assistance that enabled the organization to ‘experiment’ with the training of other community members on the knowledge they had acquired. Through this partnership CENDEP has evolved into a recognized institution with capacity in agricultural and forestry extension.

United States of America Embassy - Yaoundé, Cameroon
In 2004, CENDEP benefited from a grant from the United States Embassy Self-Help Program in Cameroon for support in the construction of a seed multiplication farm. This enabled her to be multiplying and distributing Eru seedlings to farmers to encourage on-farm cultivation and forest enrichment planting. This initiative contributed in sustaining the organization with funds from the sales of seedlings as well as conserving the resource and improving on the livelihoods of the local population using income from the sales of the product. Look here.

We are very grateful to BOTHENDS, the Netherlands, which have since our infancy continued to provide us with sources of knowledge and funding as well as assistance in proposal development. A recent example is our success story on analogue forestry which began way back in 2006 through our participation in a training workshop in Zimbabwe; acquisition of funds from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Oxfam Novib for feasibility studies to introduce analogue forestry in Cameroon. Since February 2008, analogue forestry has become a reality in Cameroon and selected communities in the NW Region are now using the techniques to restore degraded forest areas and protect watersheds and as such provide ecological, economic and social benefits to the local population.

Our partnership with IUCN NL began in 2004-2005 under the Small Grants Programme Scheme of the Tropical Rainforests Project where CENDEP benefited from a start up grant to train farmers and forest users on domestication and sustainable management of eru in the Mount Cameroon Region. This grant in a way boosted our image at the international/local level and may have contributed to further support we received from the US embassy and other international donors. CENDEP and IUCN NL maintained communication until again in the period 2008-2010 the partnership was re-enforced with financial support to introduce analogue forestry in Cameroon. Through this partnership IUCN NL has been making enormous contributions to the development of our staff capacity through training and learning visits and this has greatly improved our efficiency in the field. We are grateful to the ‘Turing Foundation’ that provided the funds to make our partnership a reality.

Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Our work on eru chain development activities begun in 2004 with IUCN NL support was taken over by ICCO in 2006-2011. In addition to production and sustainable management of wild stocks our partnership tilted focus more on marketing issues. The frank and cordial communication we maintained with ICCO, the advice provided by her staff and consultants, the capacity building through training workshops organized have contributed in improving our performance in the field and our overall profile as a an institution. We are very grateful for this support.

New Englands Biolabs Foundation (NEBF)
In the period 2007-2008 the New Englands Biolabs Foundation supported our extension work on the domestication of eru in the Muyuka area, SW Region Cameroon. Apart from supporting our Eru chain activities the New Englands Biolabs Foundation gave us the opportunity to implement our Environmental Education activities in the field. The experience we gathered in the SW Region of Cameroon is now being used in the NW Region where we are introducing analogue forestry (Our Environmental Education activities in this area are linked to analogue forestry). Through this partnership we have identified other local collaborators who have skills we can share.

New Forests Project
In 2008 the New Forests Project based in Washington DC, selected us to act as seed distributor for the WORLD SEED PROGRAM in Cameroon. Apart from distributing the seeds CENDEP is using some for forest restoration activities with her target groups. Another added benefit to the partnership is the opportunity to continue to use the seed storage facilities arising from the IUCN NL 2008-2010 grant beyond the project period (project sustainability). Both organizations are collaborating in view of establishing arboreta that will reduce the dependence of local populations on external seed sources.

Local Partners
At the local level we are collaborating with CEPROCA, GREEN CARE, RIBA agro forestry centre, SHUMAS and many others. GREEN CARE and RIBA agro forestry centre provided most of the indigenous seeds and technical advice on propagating them. Some of the local NGO’s like GREENERY, SAVE THE YOUNG and CEPROCA have joined us in the dissemination of Analogue Forestry information in the communities concerned.

Delegations to the various technical ministries of the Government of Cameroon such as the delegation of Environment and Nature Protection (MINEP), Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) and Agriculture (MINADER) have been very instrumental in ensuring a conducive atmosphere for the implementation of our activities. This includes advisory services that ensure our project implementation efforts meet the necessary policy objectives of the Government of Cameroon. This has been achieved through the provision of technical advice in workshops we organize.