Bonadikombo Plant Nursery Construction

Since its creation CENDEP has been involved in the multiplication and distribution of eru seedlings to farmers to encourage on farm cultivation and forest enrichment planting. This was meant to conserve the resource as well as improve on the livelihoods of the local population using income from the sales of the product. This activity was hampered by the lack of propagation equipment. So in 2004, CENDEP submitted a proposal to the United States Embassy’s Self-Help Program in Cameroon for support in the construction of a seed multiplication farm. Following a verification visit to the site by embassy staff, the project was approved.

Project Description
The goal of project was to construct a permanent nursery (together with semi-permanent propagators) and to purchase start up materials for seed multiplication. This nursery would be used for the multiplication and distribution of eru seedlings to farmers in Bonadikombo village and beyond. The group was already involved in the production of seedlings but lacked good nursery facilities. The project would help construct durable propagators with longer life span than the traditional ones with shorter life span requiring constant repairs. These propagators would not only be used to raise eru seedlings but also other NTFP seedlings for which there is local demand. In addition the nursery would serve as a facility for the training of other community members (school children, students and farmers). Also it would provide an opportunity for the group to generate income for the day to day running of the organization. This income is very vital for the sustainability of the group. The project was inaugurated on the 23rd of February 2006.

NB: Over the years CENDEP has strengthened its position as a charitable organization and as such there has been the need to separate this component (seed production and marketing) which is now viewed as a purely commercial activity from its traditional charitable activities. CENDEP has developed a business plan for this component. The plan can be accessed here.

Seedlings Raised

In addition to the nursery, the judicious management of US embassy grant & member contributions permitted the attachment of a temporal office. The organization’s office therefore moved from the Director’s house to its present site. A year after the inauguration of the nursery the group raised 3250 eru seedlings and 750 bush mango seedlings that were successfully distributed. Trials began on the multiplication of bush pepper (Piper guiniensis).


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